Soil Testing Talk – Macros/Micros and Building or Maintaining Them In Soils – MySoil Discussion

Today we go in depth into every element on the soil test and talk about programs designed to build, maintain or drawdown on nutrients.

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Getting Rid of Bermuda in St Augustine Grass, Weeds In Landscape Beds, Red Solo Cup Fertilizer Spreader

Recognition Herbicide with Fusilade2 will knock bermuda our of St Augustine (introduction) and some leggy bermuda plus a lawn pro schools me on how to fertilize edges with a plastic cup.

I also review some tests I am running with zoysia plugs in sand-filled pots. Rootzilla2

Glyphosate In My Drinking Water and Florida Banned Fertilizers

In FLorida, there has been a pause on legislation around fertilizer bans. It’s caused quite a bit of stir, so much so, that a presidential candidate tweeted about it in ignorance. Additionally, I have glyphosate in my drinking water and we go over that with a subject matter expert.

This is a different podcast, and I think you will learn something and enjoy it at the same time!