To Seed Or No, Pre-Emergents While Seeding, Yellow St Aug, Fescue To Zoysia LAA35

In this episode of Lawns Across America Podcast: Did I say I’d never sell grass seed? Why Is the Seed Rate so low on Kentucky Bluegrass? What if I don’t want to seed? Tall Fescue switching to Zoysia Business advice for a young lawn care entrepenuer Using tenacity/mesotrione with seeding Yellow st augustinegrass and much more

Mid July Lawn Care Q/A From Across The USA | LAA Episode 32

Of course I’m going to talk about the heat and how it affects both cool and warm season lawns, but we also talk about watering in treatments, new sod summer care, neighbors encroaching weeds and a whole lot more lawn tips!

Summer Stressed Lawns Across America – LAA 31 July 2020

Lots of heat stress hitting the lawns all over America right now. Brown spots everywhere. In this podcast we start with cool season lawns and end with warm season. Glad to be back preaching lawn care again for the 2020 season!

Mowing Before and After Seeding | Leveling The Lawn and Seeding | Bermuda Scars LAA26

Today we talk mostly about mowing leading up to aeration and overseeding as well as when to mow after seed has grown. We also revisit the idea of leveling the lawn and can you still seed at this time?
Plus, lawn preaching and relationship building.
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