Preparing Your Lawn for a Party Strategy, Mowing Lower and Instagram Lawn Care Moments LAA16

Do my Instagram photos make you think my lawn is always perfect and weed free? I explore that this week while also giving some tips to get ready for a party to give your lawn the perfect look while also giving your guests perfect pictures for their instagram stories. All this week and more on Lawns Across America Episode 16

Grub Prevention vs Cure | Lawn Diseases | Odorous Ant Names | Stoloniferous St Augustine LAA15

This week I show you what happens when you mow a lawn that is in heat stress, swallow a love bug or two, go way in depth on controlling and preventing grubs in the lawn, jump into lawn disease and end with how stoloniferous my lawn actually is. All that this week on Lawns Across America 15

Lawns The First Week Of May and How The Kentucky Derby Brings It All Together Plus, Late Spring Seeding Strategy and Lawn Limping LAA14

Limping a lawn along in Joliet, IL, seeding in the east and rain rain rain with clumpy mowing plus I give permission to mow turf type tall fescue down to three inches all in this weeks lawn care podcast from Allyn Hane, The Lawn Care Nut.

Topsoil Under Sod Yay or Nay | Spring Grubs Oh My | And The Smell of Success! LAA12

This week is packed full of more than just the lawn care tips you love, it’s going deep.

Controversial even, when I talk about topsoil under new sod, diamonds and lawn size with men measuring up, and killing mosquitos in a California lawn.


Dog Urine in Spring Lawns, The Question of Lawn Chems, Battery Mowers | LAA Ep 11

Lawns Across America this week we talk about dog urine damage to the lawn after winter, some questions on lawn chems and safety, battery powered lawn mowers and of course more talk about pre-emergents and spring time lawn seeding.


Spring Lawn De-Thatching, Aeration, Seeding and Pre-Emergent | Episode 10 Early April

Spring lawn care steps, this week I ask us to be patient before going out all crazy de-thatching, aerating, seeding and talk about spot seeding, dealing with water issues and moss plus looking at more help for St Augustinegrass with take all patch disease.

Enjoy my friends, I’ll see you in the lawn

What Is Halts For Crabgrass | Brown Spots In Lawn | Starter Fert Spring Fun LAA Ep9

This week we talk about halts for crabgrass vs prodiamine, some fert ride alongs, brown spots in St Augustinegrass could be brown patch or the dreaded take all patch disease plus we swing around and dosey doe with some starter fert.

let’s get ready for second spring my friends

Vole Damage, First Day of Spring, Shaded Lawns and Pre-Emergents with Ride Along Fert – LAA Episode 8

This week Lawns Across America reaches out to new DIY lawn care enthusiasts, talking abour winter vole damage, we visit shade and other enemies to the lawn, as well as talk about pre-emergents that contain ride along fertilizers in the mix.

We also have a call in from our new hotline! Lots of fun this week talking all all about DIY lawn care. Lawns Across America Episode 8